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Chris K

'My daughter is enrolled at Northgate State School and we chose this school because of the wonderful things we had heard about it in the community. We will be sending our next three children here with confidence as it truly is a school with “heart” where every child is special. 

As a teacher and a parent of 4, I have high expectations for the people in my children’s lives and the staff at Northgate state School have not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. My daughter has developed a love of learning, strong friendships with all age groups, great confidence in and respect for her incredible teachers. 

I appreciate all those who work to make this school so special and I feel confident knowing I am dropping my daughter off at a school that genuinely cares about her. A chat with the principal or a member of staff will open your eyes to this gem of a school.'


'As a first time parent of a school child, I forensically approached my research for the school that would form part of our family’s life until 2024 (yes 2024, it will be a long-term relationship!). 

I researched all types of data including key aspects to look for when visiting a school.  I visited all schools within a 5 km radius and in the course of my research kept hearing about a “small gem of a school” called Northgate State School.  Initially, I couldn’t find any primary school in Northgate only to discover it’s actually centrally located at one side of Nundah village.  Contrary to its central location, it has a country feel set as it is on a spacious parcel of land and down a quiet residential street (making drop-offs and pick-ups a dream). 

On the day of our visit, the Principal came into school especially to give us a guided tour (in spite of having a conference elsewhere).  This act alone led me to form a really positive preliminary view of the school.  This view was further enhanced by our tour where we met teachers and students with a genuine passion for their school (articulated beautifully by a class of 7-8 year olds).  Our search for a school ended on that day and I couldn’t be happier with the school. 

My daughter is thriving at Northgate State School.  She is in a lovely small class (every parents dream) with a team of dedicated and inspirational teachers (in numeracy, literacy, sports, music and art) and as an added bonus, is taught with cutting-edge technology (1st school in Australia to have new interactive projectors installed). 

As a family, we have fallen under the spell of Northgate State School! Witnessing a Year 7 student take our 4 year old (i.e. not a current student) under her wing during various events provides us with a glimpse of the type of wonderful individuals the school produces. We love the level of involvement we can have including helping out in the classroom, participating in the before school exercise regime and the countless events organised (the Mother’s Day event was a real hit). Every student at Northgate State School is known, valued and cared for by all, and the community spirit shines through. Suffice to say, we are looking forward to the next 9.5 years together (here’s hoping the feelings mutual)!'

Parent 2014

We first discovered Northgate when we were looking for a school for my daughter to start in 2010. We had chosen mostly for a school that was close but soon realised how lucky we were. We had discovered a real treasure. I have now had both of my children benefit from an education here, and they both have had the very best start to school. I believe that the size of the school, the excellent standard of teaching, the support from the teachers, the community feeling that is encouraged makes this school incredible. Being a smaller school I was able to get to know other parents and students and really feel involved in the school. The children also were able to get to know many of the other students too. We have had such a positive experience at Northgate State School.


Early this year my family relocated to Brisbane from interstate, it was an overwhelming process, however one of the greatest joys was finding Northgate State School and becoming part of their community. We visited a number of schools before deciding on Northgate SS, the positive attitudes of staff and students was immediately evident and the care and support extended to our family was amazing. Each of my children were supported  as individuals, they were encouraged to grow, learn and extend themselves both in their education and their social interactions. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Northgate State School to any parent seeking the best for their child’s educational experience.

Last reviewed 14 February 2020
Last updated 14 February 2020